I’ll Follow the Sun

heronshoreChasing sunlight. That’s what I do.

In the mornings mostly. Given the number of rainy days we’ve had this summer in North Central Ohio, that can be quite a challenge. Although there is something to be said for shooting in fog and low-light conditions.

Yesterday was typical for summer mornings these days. I headed out in the fog, with the promise of sunbeams breaking through the clouds. But, as the morning progressed, the promise faded.

I made the rounds of three villages. There were things to shoot — but not in flat light.

Made one last stop at Pleasant Hill Lake, before heading home to make breakfast.

I captured a hint of a sunbeam on the horizon with my cellphone camera. Then I got out my Canon SX50 HS. I looked to my left and, not 50 feet away, was a great blue heron watching me from the water’s edge.

Not entirely happy with the heron shots I took, but I’ll post one nonetheless.

Meanwhile, I’ll follow the sun.

A silvery sunrise on Pleasant Hill Lake