Forest Bathing

Been hearing a lot lately about this “forest bathing” thing. Supposed to be therapeutic. But then, any walk through the forest would be therapeutic. Unless a tree falls on you.

I decided to try some forest bathing this morning. Now, if I could only find where I left my clothes before immersing myself.

When you bathe in the forest, you never bathe alone. A spider joined me as I immersed myself in this fern.
Stinging nettles — best avoided when forest bathing in the nude.
I love the early morning shadows in the forest.
See previous caption.
When forest bathing, it’s best to keep some jewel weed handy. It’s good for relieving the burning itch of stinging nettles.

I’ll Follow the Sun

heronshoreChasing sunlight. That’s what I do.

In the mornings mostly. Given the number of rainy days we’ve had this summer in North Central Ohio, that can be quite a challenge. Although there is something to be said for shooting in fog and low-light conditions.

Yesterday was typical for summer mornings these days. I headed out in the fog, with the promise of sunbeams breaking through the clouds. But, as the morning progressed, the promise faded.

I made the rounds of three villages. There were things to shoot — but not in flat light.

Made one last stop at Pleasant Hill Lake, before heading home to make breakfast.

I captured a hint of a sunbeam on the horizon with my cellphone camera. Then I got out my Canon SX50 HS. I looked to my left and, not 50 feet away, was a great blue heron watching me from the water’s edge.

Not entirely happy with the heron shots I took, but I’ll post one nonetheless.

Meanwhile, I’ll follow the sun.

A silvery sunrise on Pleasant Hill Lake

In the beginning …

I got into photography about 10 years ago, after the newspaper I worked for cut a photographer position. I started taking a Canon G-10 on my rounds, taking mostly crash photos. Those can be challenging — especially at night or in other low-light conditions.

Every once in awhile, I’d experiment. Here’s an example of that — the front of a Tex-Mex restaurant across the street from the Sheriff’s Office in Ashland. I took it during my morning rounds. The soft light on the brightly painted building caught my eye.