Follow the Sun

Whether it’s there or not

Photography is all about light. In my world, the great outdoors, that means sunlight.

Sunday was a day of storms with spectacular skies — black clouds, sunbeams, and brilliant budding trees. But I missed all that because of social obligations.

A few hours before sunset, a window of opportunity opened. I grabbed my cameras — the Canon S60 and my cellphone camera — and headed out to Pleasant Hill Lake.

By then, the cloud cover had grown. Not much in the way of sunbeams. Nothing, in fact.

I headed up to Mohican State Park Lodge, hoping to catch a few rays breaking through on the western horizon before sunset.

While waiting for the sunset that never came, I played around with my new Samsung G10. I placed it inside a bird feeder and shot what sunlight the clouds begrudgingly gave me.

It worked. Plus, it gave me something to build on, something that warrants further exploration.

Almost equally rewarding was the Phoenix Lager I quaffed in the lounge while waiting in vain for a sunset.


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