People have been pushing me to enter photos in the Loudonville Fair for years. Finally did it this year. Submitted 10 entries in different categories in the professional class. Took 10 blue ribbons and a best of show.

Glad I listened to them.

For the benefit of those unable to make it to the fair, which runs through Saturday, here are the 10 entries.


Set out to get a shot of the sunset at Killbear Provincial Park and decided the people getting shots of the sunset made for a more interesting photo.
Shot this in the early morning at last year’s fair. Entered it in a special category which called for capturing the spirit of the traditions of the fair.
This took best of show.
Malabar Farm Sunset
Blue ribbon for best animal shot.
Won a blue ribbon even though it was hung upside down.
From a recent canoe trip.
I was going to enter this as an abstract. Since I had tweaked the color and contrast, I entered it as a digitally manipulated photo.
Horse Auction. Took this while working for the Ashland Times-Gazette. Like the cow shot, it wasn’t published.
Main Street — without the fair. Entered in the building(s) category.


Bonus — Here’s one I meant to enter, but failed to get a print made.











4 thoughts on “A FAIR SHOWING

  1. I appreciate your art – I cannot paint or draw but I do know a well composed picture – photography gave me the opportunity to be an artist. You are a master!


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